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Fibrecn International Co.Ltd., is a main provider of Alkali Resistant (AR) glass fiber and Silica glass fiber in Xi'an, China. The factory locates in Shaanxi provience --the northwest region of China. We produce and supply our products to construction, energy, chemical, marine fields since 1978 and we were supplying our products to more than 30 countries in the past years.

We supply AR glass fiber as a reinforcement material for cement composites, the AR glass fibers are widely used in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC or GFRC) and other cementitious precast that is because the AR glass fibers are quite essential for GRC/GFRC due to high alkalinity of the cement environment, and the alkali resistance of glass fiber depends principally on the content of Zirconia (ZrO2) in the AR glass fibers, The higher the zirconia content the better the resistance to alkali attack. We supply various form of AR glass fiber products, AR glass fiber spray roving, AR glass fiber chopped strand and AR glass HD (high dispersion) fiber available here.


The Silica glass fiber is an inorganic amorphous silica, which is produced through the chemical leaching of specially formulated glass fibers. Our silica glass fiber is >96% silica (SiO2) content, resists oxidation and most corrosive solutions and presents no known health hazard. The silica glass fiber will not melt or vaporize until temperatures exceed 3100°F (1704°C) and will insulate continuously and retain strength and flexibility up to 1650°F (900°C). Our silica glass fiber products are available in a variety of product forms: Silica glass cloth,Silica glass needled mat, Silica glass cord, Silica glass sleeving, Silica glass tape, Silica glass refractory filters for foundry, Silica glass chopped strand, etc.




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