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AR Glass Spray Roving


Our Alkali Resistant (AR) glass fiber spray roving is mainly designed to be used in the manufacturing of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (sometimes named Glassfibre Reinforced Cement or GRC, GFRC) composites by manual spray method. The AR glass fiber roving is usually be used in the manufacture of GRC architectural panels and other building elements, civil engineering and infrastructure components. The AR glass fiber roving is designed to be unwound internally and please do not remove the shrink-wrap polythene film wrapping during the spray process.

Our AR glass fiber roving is easy chopping by all of the chopping spray gun in the market, no fuzz generation and the chopped fibers remain integral and easy to be incorporated into the matrices and have good workability.


Technical characteristics

Linear weight
of roving
Linear weight
of strand
Filament Diameter
Composition of ZrO2
Loss on ignition
2400 80 14 16.0±0.70.3 2.0 ≤0.1



Packing: 19kgs net per rolls protected by a shrink-wrap polythene film then each roving packed in a carton. 48/64 cartons total on a pallet. We load 20 pallets in a 20 feet container.





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