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What is GFRC /GRC?

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (sometimes called Glassfibre Reinforced Cement, GFRC or GRC) is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate, water, chemical admixtures and alkali resistant glassfibres (AR glass fibers). The AR glass fibers reinforce the concrete, much as steel reinforcing bars do in conventional construction. While the glass fiber reinforcement results in a product with much higher flexural strength than normal concrete, allowing its use in thin-wall casting applications.  

In the late 1960's, GFRC / GRC was first successfully produced in England. The key to success was the development of alkali-resistant glass fibers, capable of resisting the alkali attack that occurs when the fibers are mixed with normal hydrating Portland cement. During the 1980's and 1990's, GFRC became widely accepted, and the industry has grown dramatically.

Glass fibre Reinforced concrete (GFRC/ GRC) is generally manufactured by either the "spray" process or the "premix" vibration casting process. The method chosen is normally dictated by factors such as strength requirements, size of mould, architects specification etc. Sprayed GRC is generally stronger than premix vibration cast GRC. The reasons for this are firstly that with sprayed GRC it is possible to achieve a fibre content of 5% - 6% whereas premix GRC is limited to around 3% - 3.5%. Secondly, Sprayed GRC has a lower water content than Premix GRC.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC or GRC) today is making a significant contribution to the economics, to the technology and to the aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide. This environmentally friendly composite, with its low consumption of energy and natural raw materials, is being formed into a great variety of products and has won firm friends amongst designers, architects, engineers and end users for its flexible ability to meet performance, appearance and cost parameters.

The Typical application of Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GFRC/GRC) include:

Architecture: prefabricated architectural cladding, architectural mouldings and features Environments& Landscaping

Building: industrial and agricultural roofing, Walls and Windows, Renovation, Foundations and Floors, Modular Buildings

Engineering: Permanent Formwork, Utilities, Acoustics, Bridges and Tunnels, Water and Drainage


The followings please find more details of Alkali Resistant glass fiber:

AR glass fiber spray roving to be used in GRC/ GFRC

AR glass chopped strand for premix use

AR glass HD fiber for concrete anti-crak and asbestos replacement in fiber cement sheet products




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